Friday, December 4, 2009

So, right after I posted that hair question, I started losing my hair again.  I lose a little bit after every cycle, but I lost kind of a lot.  I got worried that it was all going to fall out, so I decided to wait until after I finished chemo to dye it.  I just finished my last cycle and it's currently thinning a bit, so dying will happen this weekend. 

It's getting pretty long though.  Check it out!

I have an MRI on Monday and meet with my surgeon on Wednesday, so I should have surgery news coming up soon. I'm so antsy to get this surgery scheduled, I can't even tell you.

Also, I'm so done with having boobs.  I was going to buy a ton of new bras at the beginning of the summer before my diagnosis, but bagged that plan as soon as I knew "the girls" were going to have to go.  So, I've been stuck with kind of ratty, ugly, poorly fitting bras for a few months now, and I am just over it.  Chest of a 12 year old boy?  BRING IT!

In other news, I've started to change my eating habits.  After I got the diagnosis but before I started chemo, I basically cut all processed food out of my diet and started eating between 8 and 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day.  However, during chemo the doctor said to eat whatever I could tolerate.  So I did.  And I also took that opportunity to eat everything that I had given up and missed (read: Chipotle).  Now, super fun food times are over, and I'm back to eating better.  It feels good to have the energy and focus to do something good for my health that isn't necessarily medical, and I'm looking forward to feeling the benefits.  Since the biggest predictor of getting cancer is having had a cancer diagnosis in the past, I never want to face this diagnosis again and think that I could have done something to prevent it.  So, from here on out, I'm Team Eat Healthy.  Also, I have a shit ton of candy that I can no longer eat, so if you want me to send you some, holla.

 I'll also be Team Exercise soon, but I'm waiting until after surgery to start a truly regimented program.


  1. The #1 Cancer Rule is that you do what you have to do to get through it, and for me that meant a 12 week diet of ice cream and french fries (the only foods that tasted good at the time, which I ate with abandon and without guilt, and also somehow gained 10 pounds). But once the worst is over, I started back to Team Healthy-ish. Your doctors will not want you to exercise at all for 6 weeks postop (so as not to raise blood pressure) so stock up your DVR or Netflix cues with all sorts of good trash, and enjoy it while you can guilt-free. All too soon, you will be back to Team Exercise.

    All the best!

  2. Did you have much trouble losing the weight? I've gained 14 pounds, and I'm anxious to lose it.

  3. I think your hair looks nice there.. you said it was coming in with grey, but in that picture it just looks blonde.

  4. Thanks! It's so dark naturally, so the grey/white really stands out. I think once the pink washes out, I may just get a blonde dye to give it some color without changing it too much.

  5. Hair looks blond to me as well! It's cute though! And glad you're eating healthy but if you're not feeling well just eat whatever you can!

  6. If you are looking on some good information on cutting out processed foods try the book The Paleo Diet. Lots of good sciency stuff and some recipes.

  7. Hair is looking good, chicka! I'm glad you're going pink!

    Kudos for you for committing to a healthy lifestyle. I need someone to smack my fat ass and make me do it.