Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay juggalos/lettes,

I need some advice.  As you are well aware, my hair is growing back in.  However, it's growing back in grey, and it's starting to harsh my mellow.  I feel like I have enough weird appearance things to deal with and looking older than I'd like is just one more thing than I'd like to handle right now.  So, I'm going to dye that grey right out of my hair. 

So, do I dye my hair
a) Hot pink - This would be cool.  However, I already have a shaved head.  Is dying it an "outrageous" color overkill?  I mean, the shaved head is punk as fuck already, so maybe pink is just beating a dead horse.

b) Black - This is what I'm leaning towards right now.  It would be in keeping with the  hardcore shaved head look, but not be particularly startling.  Plus, I could hang out with the goth kids and smoke their clove cigarettes (it's not a carcinogen if you're already on chemo)  (that was a joke, btw)

c) Platinum - Pro: I can dye it another color if I get bored of it.  Con: I could look like that weird fitness instructor from the 80s.

Help me, blogosphere!  You're my only hope!


  1. i say black or blonde but no bleach, it'll fade nicely :)

  2. I'm leaning toward platinum. I refuse to believe that Susan Powter ruined that look for everyone, dammit.

  3. Platinum!! You would look awesome.

  4. platinum would be pretty badass, but all three choices are splendid. :D

  5. i would be careful with black, i might stain your scalp for a couple of days. Also, i think you can bring the susan powter look back.

  6. Pink! Go for a wild shade. :D

  7. If you go pink, watch out b/c you may have to actually bleach it if you don't have a light enough grey color growing in. another option- My hair dresser told me when I want to let mine go gray (I'm getting lots now!)that she can "tone up" the color to a more silvery look

    ps-no more clove cigs! flavored smokes are illegal now.

  8. Man, silver hair would be awesome. So anime! Slap in some purple contacts and you're done.

    If you don't want to go that route, I vote for pink -- but not hot pink. I think the contradiction of really short hair and a delicate shade of pink would be amusing and/or perplexing to people.

    Probably I am too late and your hair is already dyed by now.

  9. I really really love your grey! I don't think it ages you a bit. I think you look beautiful :)