Monday, November 9, 2009

Ask and you shall receive.  It's time for some pictures:

(Actually, first, time for a disclaimer.  All of these pictures were taken on my iPhone because I'm way too lazy to be bothered with owning an actual camera.  Therefore, I apologize in advance for the picture quality.)

Here is a picture of my left eyebrow. 

My left eyebrow is driving me nuts right now, and hopefully you can see why.  There are just a handful of actual, normal eyebrow hairs left, but they are all scraggly.  I feel like I should be grooming them, but it seems wrong to pull out eyebrow hairs when I have so few left.  Plus, they will fall out on their own.  If you look closely, you can also see that some baby eyebrow hairs are growing back in.  Am I supposed to be grooming those?  For some reason, plucking my baby eyebrow hairs while my normal eyebrow hairs abandon me makes me irrational angry.  I should either be mourning the loss of one, or battling the regrowth of the other.  Not both.  Seriously, Cancer, throw me a bone, here.

Also, can you see how thick and lush my hair regrowth is?  It's still mostly white, which makes me feel like a post-menopausal woman (which, I guess, technically I am now, but you know what I mean), but it's really coming back.  I think I'm going to dye it fire engine red or something.

Here is my right eyebrow.  You can see how sparse the actual brows look.  If I try to draw them in, it looks like the kind of pencil you see on 70 year old ladies, surrounded by some actual hair.  It's really funny looking.  You can also see the total lack of bottom eyelashes on my right eye.

Another eyebrow pic, but check out my upper eyelashes, too.  They look funny, like gapped teeth.

My actual teeth aren't gapped, but are Cullenesque (or whatever vampire reference you prefer).  This is a result of trying to floss and is a side effect of one of the clinical trial drugs I'm on, Avastin.  Avastin makes tissues more likely to bleed, and chemo in general drops my platelet count, so I don't clot so well.  As a result, my gums bleed freely.  I like to pretend I'm in Fight Club when this happens.

And to end, here is a picture I took of myself at the hair salon back when I still had hair!  (Also, check out my awesome calculator watch, which I've managed to lose in the past 2 weeks.  WHERE ARE YOU, AWESOME CALCULATOR WATCH?  I MISS YOU!!!)


  1. The one of your bleeding gums could be used as some badass punk album art!

    I'm all about the bright side. ;)

  2. I know, right? It's super badass. I wish it would happen spontaneously in meetings or something, not just when I'm in my fleecy PJs before bed.

  3. Two words: chola eyebrows. Make it happen, woman!

  4. The bleeding gums are pretty badass.

    I sent you a private message over on lj but I didn't hear back from you, not sure if you're still using it or if you've been able to check or what. You told me a while ago to let you know if I ever got diagnosed. Welllll I did. Go me.

  5. Ugh. I'm so behind on e-mail because of the whole hospital thing. I'm really sorry to have missed that email!

    Shit girl, I'm really, really, really sorry to hear that. But know that a) you're dealing with the hardest part of it right now and b) people beat cancer all the time. Just think about Lance Armstrong (who is a total douche, but got rid of like the most metastatic cancer of them all).

    Do you use facebook at all? I would love to keep in touch with you in a more personal way than either LJ or this blog allows.

  6. Hey, I'm not really on the up and up of Blogger, but if you see this comment on an old post, I do use facebook, but I'm not really "out" on it yet, as far as cancer goes. I haven't started treatment yet (well, not really, long story). but if you want to add me that'd be awesome. FB messages are a lot easier to keep track of.