Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love the women at the Breast Center so much. Whenever I have an appointment, different nurses and administrators stop in the exam room, and say, "Hey! I saw you were coming in, and I wanted to stop by and see you!" and chat with me. The always recognize me when I walk in, and I never get "called back" to see the doctor. They just wave at me and say, "There you are, girl! Come on back!"

Today, I needed to get a copy of my mammogram, so I called and started off with "My name is HM, and I'm a patient there, and the receptionist was immediately all "Heeey! How are you?" It makes me feel good inside my heart.

In other news, my hair is still shedding even though it's been like 3 months since I had chemo. WTF?


  1. That's sweet!

    Oh.. AND

    Happy Birthday! Today is Groundhog Day. Apparently the groundhog wasn't the only thing that peeked its head out on February 2nd! ;)

  2. Happy birthday!

    That is so sweet. It is wonderful to know your medical team is so caring and kind.

  3. it appears that your med team is privy to your awesomeness. :D