Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We have hair loss!! I can't even describe how weird this is (not weird bad, more weird fascinating). I'll run my fingers through my hair, hair that was firmly attached to my scalp as recently as this morning, and my hand will be littered with loose strands. If I actually pull on the ends, I get big chunks. It's not as dramatic as you'd see in a movie about cancer, but it's more dramatic than any hair loss experience I've had previous to this. It's also incredibly messy.

I'm going to shave my head tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll rock a mohawk (technically a fauxhawk, because I plan on having side stubble) for a little while, just because I can, before buzzing the whole thing.

They say that this tends to be the hardest part of being a cancer patient, but I'm really excited. Easily, the best part of having cancer is getting to pull the cancer card. No one can say no to the cancer card. And now I get to WEAR it! I don't even have to pull it! I'm going to be unstoppable! Plus, when else is it acceptable for someone my age to rock a mohawk? But what are you going to say? Nothing! Because you wouldn't deny a girl with cancer her last hairstyle of choice, would you? (See what I did there?)

In other news, it sounds like my chemo dose will stay the same for my next infusion and I will get a Neulasta shot, just like I wanted!

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