Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's chemo day! Here's to hoping that it's a theme day on the cancer ward! I'm wearing my "Chemo: all of the cool kids are doing it" shirt to show my chemotastic pride, and my favorite shoes that I wanted to wear last time but ultimately decided against. Fascinating, I know.

I thought you might like to see some pictures of the great head shaving of 2009. Facebook says that anyone should be able to view them using this link: That look lasted a total of like 12 hours before I started getting a bald patch in the front of my awesome fauxhawk. I have to say, I loved the really short look, though. I can't wait to rock it again when the hair grows back in. (Also, please note that we are redoing the bathroom and don't actually live in a hovel...unless it increases your sympathies towards me, in which case we do.)

Also, here is a picture now that I've lost most of my hair. Please note that the glamor shots angle is a result of Don being like 18 feet taller than I am.

Sorry for the lame links. I will fix after chemo.

I still have to shave my legs (which is BULLSHIT), but less frequently. My armpit hair is pretty much mostly gone. My eyebrows are thinning, but very slowly. My eyelashes were a joke to begin with, so I haven't been keeping good tabs on them. Maybe after all of this is done, I can get that drug that makes your eyelashes grow without feeling like a total tool about it.

I'll post a second update after I get my chemicals pumped right into my heart. (Can you tell I am completely and utterly enamored with the idea of things going straight into my heart?)

And finally, my tumor feels very different and smaller and not as attached to my skin. Chemo is definitely working.

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