Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Got my first round of chemo today. Not too much to report, really. I feel pretty good, although a little tired. That may just be due to the ativan aperitif they gave me before starting in on the entree drugs. Unfortunately, I'm not too nauseous, which means that my dream of being able to spontaneously vomit on people who annoy me remains out of reach for the time being. Today through Thursday are supposed to be my big nausea days. Apparently, my big fatigue days will be Saturday (in time to be a real drag at Aaron's wedding) and Sunday, and the days when I'm most susceptible to infection will be between day 5 (Saturday) and 10 (whatever day is 5 days from Saturday). Infection results in IV antibiotics, which seems a little too dramatic for my taste, so you can expect some OCD handwashing during those times.

Fun fact - Some of the additional effects of my anti-nausea pills include: improving social interactions, mood, expression of mood, and appearance. I'll be interested in feedback from you to see how that is working out for me.

Also, it was luau day in the pediatric clinic, so the halls were filled with nurses in grass skirts and coconut bikinis. I hope they start having theme days on the cancer ward!


  1. was your anti nausea fentanyl? I take that for nausea (and they don't give it to me in pill form, it has an unpleasent delivery system if you know what I mean) LOL

  2. No, it's clorapazadime or something with a lot of those letters in it. I did take fentanyl in the deliver system you describe after knee surgery once. Talk about humiliation.

  3. hah! I wrote fetanyl (which is a powerful painkiller patch, mostly for cancer pain, so you might get some) and meant phenergen.