Friday, August 14, 2009

I've taken to not wearing a hat any time I'm indoors. It's more comfortable that way, and I also think it's more obvious that I've got cancer. The hats kind of have this, "She looks like she might have cancer, but I'm not quite sure," vibe. The bald head says, "Yeah. I have cancer. What of it?"

Today, I was walking down the hall by the lab, and this creepy old guy who likes to recite scripture ad nauseum points to my head and says, "Bald is beautiful, or at least that's what the bumper sticker tells me."

Well, you know what creepy old guy, I'm fucking beautiful now and I was fucking beautiful with hair. I don't need your patronizing, backhanded compliment to know I'm hot. Cancer does not change the fact that I'm beautiful and awesome and badass. It only changes the fact that douches like you feel the need to comment on it. Go DIA(hell)F.

In other news, I saw a shirt at Spencer's that said "Lost the hair, kept the big dick." That shirt and I need to be together.


  1. bb, you have the world's most awesome attitude toward cancer.

  2. saw your link from the FFAF thread on ONTD.. really awesome blog. Even if you were writing about something entirely mundane, your writing style is excellent. Coupled with your attitude and the detailed look at what is often taboo, this blog is easily the most interesting and witty thing I've read in a long time.

    I also think you have the capability to help a lot of people with your blog.

  3. Hannah, will you marry me, bb?

  4. Yes! Also, someone close to me was recently diagnosed (ovarian caner, though) and I linked her over here. She seemed genuinely grateful.

  5. That's awesome. If she wants to e-mail me, let me know. I'd be happy to talk to her about it.