Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The reason why I never update anymore

Cancer is easier than grad school.  I thought it when I was first diagnosed.  I thought it when I was going through chemo.  And now that I'm back in the routine of school, I still think it.

That being said, I really enjoy school.  It's just that it's more work than lying around and complaining about chemo or eating fresh cookies at radiation. I have to think smart things and that's hard! All without percocet, too.

One more thing - It's coming up on my anniversary of the end of radiation, which means I will have been cancer-free for a whole year.  I'd celebrate, but I'm sure I'll have too much studying to do.


  1. Holy Crow! A whole year! Thanks awesome, congrats. We just learned that my nephew (on my wife's side) has only one more treatment for his leukemia.

  2. Congratulation on the anniversary of being cancer free! While I understand your reasons, I still wish that you would write more articles about your treatment to help inspire other people to make a stand against cancer!