Friday, August 6, 2010


Last summer, I wanted to go to ComicCon but couldn't because of my chemo schedule. So my friend Brendan promised to take me this summer. Unfortunately, Brendan was a complete style biter and thought it would just be awesome if he had cancer, too. So we couldn't go this year because of his chemo schedule.

You know what that means for next year, right?

We will be unstoppable. Let's see Robert Pattinson refuse to make out with Tom Sturridge when faced with that! It cannot be done!

(Seriously, though, Brendan, stop copying me. It's embarrassing.)

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  1. Bummer about that. When I heard that Westboro Baptist was protesting, I wished I could be there to see the geeks fight back. Speaking of the Cancer card, I saw a funny segment on the Daily Show where they had a "correspondent" on the show with an actual race card that swiped in a credit card machine. Very funny.