Thursday, July 22, 2010

BTW, emo posts like the last few are why I haven't been posting that often. As I make the transition from patient to survivor, I'm doing a lot of emotional work. I feel like a cow, barfing up little bits of the experience to chew on them for a while and sort them all out. As my tongue pokes and prods at the nuances of the experiences, I'm reluctant to write about them. My feelings on most of these issues are transitive and constantly evolving. The commitment of freezing them on the internet is a leap I'm not ready to make (consider that your metaphor smoothie for the day).

Plus, who wants to read emo crap like that? If you guys wanted to feel emo, you'd rent Heathers and listen to Bright Eyes and make an artistic tumblr, right?


  1. I want to read emo crap like that.

  2. Well fuck. What am I going to do with all of this eyeliner?

  3. You are entitled to be as emo or pissed off as you want. Keep on keeping on, girl!!