Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I got my hair did

I got my first post-chemo haircut last week. Here are the results:



Honestly, I wasn't too happy with the after. While I've been really enjoying the butch lesbian vibe that my short hair and flat chest have given me, the haircut just took it a step too boyish for me. However, as it's been growing out, I'm starting to like it a touch more. If that trend continues, I'll probably post another picture before too long.

I've gotten some questions about whether the color and texture of my hair has changed. The answer to both is yes. Before chemo, my hair was mostly brown with some gray. Now it's mostly gray with some brown. Of course, Clairol took care of that problem right quick!

The texture has also changed a lot, but I'm not sure how to describe it. Before it was, I don't know, regular? Now, it's like scalp poop. It's just dry and wiry and coarse. The rest of my body hair has changed, too. It's weird and I'm hoping that it goes back to normal. If not, we all know I look bitchin' with a shaved head.


  1. I think your haircut is super cute! :D And yes, you rocked the Sinead look hardcore!

  2. Super cute, before and after! Are you still doing the no 'poo??