Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm on a fair amount of opiates (read: vicodin AND morphine)  as I write this, so please excuse any typos, grammar errors or nonsensical ramblings.

So, as some of you may have heard, I've been spending my days in the hospital. The short story is that I woke up feeling fluish on Sunday, and after a short nap, my temperature reached an upsetting 104.5.  Any time my fever goes above 100.5, I'm supposed to rush straight to the ER, so that's what I did.  Turns out I have a staph infection in my blood.  (Astute readers will remember that, along with with shingles and cancer, staph infections are one of my biggest medical fears.  Go me for conquering them all in one fell swoop).  I'm currently on round the clock IV antibiotics and they are doing all sorts of heart tests to make sure that the infection doesn't settle in my heart valves (which are currently fine).  I also had to have my port removed today, since that can harbor bacteria.

I'm feeling better every day, and my fever has been gone for most of the day.  So that's good.  I've been having this weird, severe chest pain that doesn't seem heart related and isn't abating either.  So that's, I don't know, neutral to bad. I'll be in the hospital at least one more day, though, and possibly more, depending on the results of my labs.  My chemo, which should have been today, is tentatively scheduled for Friday, but I'm not sure if I'll make that.  Regardless, I'll probably end up going pretty much straight from the hospital to chemo.  Fun!

Oh, also, my next door neighbor in the hospital is a nighttime moaner. It's awkward. 


  1. Shitty HM. Will they put the port back when you're doing better? I'm sure a port isn't fun (one of my friends has one) but if you're going to be poked with needles a lot, probably for the best in the long term.

    Oh, your post didn't seem too drug-fuelled, so good job, lol.

  2. Random comment- when I was last in the hospital we had a SINGER. Like loud opera. They'd have to periodically go down to his room and say "Frank! Keep it down! We got sick people here trying to sleep"

    And he'd quiet down for like five seconds, then start up again.