Monday, September 28, 2009

Given the events of the past week, I'm pretty sure that I'm controlling celebrity gossip with my mind. This leads to two questions. 1) Is this a common side effect of AC chemo, and 2) Any requests?


  1. Hello there, I'm sure you have more important things to do, like "not dying" but I got nominated for a couple of blog awards and I have to 'pay it forward' so to speak and nominate 7 other blogs and I chose yours. They're on my blog if you wish to take a look! I check for new posts here a few times a week. Damn, now I just sound like a stalker..

  2. You should be more specific as to what you're referring to.. the world of celebrity gossip is so vast that to guess what you have willed to happen would probably take me all day. :P

    .. Also, I was trying to think of a witty request for the answer to your 2nd question, but I just can't. Wah.

  3. Not right now, but once "Celebrity Sex Rehab" with Dr Drew starts I will be giving you a list!

  4. @Ms. Lovely - I am so flattered! Thanks! I'll make a post about it after my chemo update tomorrow.

    @Hannah - It started when I was bored and started thinking about the most scandalous thing a celeb could do. Then the MacKenzie Phillips story dropped. A few days later, I thought the only thing that would be more epic would be if a celebrity started interacting with ONTD. Insert Eli Roth. So, next I need to come up with something really insane.

    @Lindsey - Duly noted.